Saturday, July 31, 2010

Farmer's Market Day

Each Saturday morning from May through October, Burlington's City Hall Park transforms.  Stands are set up as farmers, food vendors, and artists set up along the sidewalks surrounding the central fountain.  Two musicians set up in one grassy quadrant.  And then, as if out of nowhere, the city's residents gather to pick the freshest product, local meats, breads, and cheeses there are to find.

I'm fortunate enough to live within walking distance to City Hall so I don't have to worry about finding parking, a commodity that is in short supply in our town.  After I have my morning cup of coffee, my husband and I will walk up the road and take a lap through the stalls.  After we've made a round, then we'll pick  a few stands and stop for a few things in each.  This week, we bought just veggies: golden beets and wax beans from one farmer, garlic from another, and a melange of carrots and baby squash from two more.

Our dinner plans for this week? The beets will be roasted simply in olive oil, salt and pepper; perhaps to be served over a salad with goat cheese and a basic vinaigrette.  The greens will be saut√©ed with some of the garlic and served over pasta and parmesan cheese, with a generous dose of black pepper.  I might add some toasted pine nuts to the mix, too. The carrots - if we don't eat them all straight from the bag - will probably end up glazed in either honey or balsamic and served alongside the wax beans and a Cornish hen.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to post the recipes as they're made.  I've noticed from building my recipe and photo list that I have a problem photographing my main courses - I always end up being too impatient, a.k.a. hungry, to stop before devouring.  I'll try and get better at that.

If you're in the area, the Burlington VT farmer's market website is a great resource, and includes a list of vendors, what's in season, and more:

I'm sure I will be posting more Farmer's Market posts, especially since we're in the peak of growing season here in Vermont.  What's showing up fresh at your local farmer's market?

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