Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bad Computer Kharma

Readers: Work computer was infected w/ virus (IT claims Tastespotting installed malicious software? There goes my fave lunchtime activity!   **UPDATE 9/2/10:  Work PC back up and running.  IT says they now believe the attack was more widespread and didn't have anything to do with TS.  Thank goodness!**) Home computer has a bad keyboard - unfortunate tea spill. Hope to be back up and running in no time. In the meantime; enjoy the thyme!


  1. i've had viruses twice within the past week that i've blamed on tastespotting (nothing else open; virus warning pops-up immediately after i clicked on a recipe @ tastespotting - both times). hm! trying to google tastespotting and virus...but not finding anything except for your post above!! i just can't believe that it's NOT from tastespotting, given the conditions i described.

  2. The issue with Tastespotting is definitely bizarre! My computer loaded a blue "Security Tool" screen (which is actually the virus/malware), and the only thing I was doing was checking Tastespotting over my lunch break - so IT's conclusion that it came from TS seemed reasonable to me. However I got the virus, it turned out to be really bad - my work PC had to be totally wiped clean to get rid of it.

    One of the guys in IT told me that the Security Tool malware is sneaky, and it seems to be coming from a variety of sources. He suggested that maybe one of the links on TS's page contained the malware, since those links are posted by "unknown" users and TS has no control over the code. (So, TS is only partly to blame?)

    In any case, I hope that someone figures it out. I'm afraid to go on TS on my work computer just in case it *does* happen again. Luckily the issues don't seem to be affecting my home computer, which is a Mac. If I hear anything further about what's going on, I'll be sure to comment again!

  3. unfortunately, i think we have to stay away from tastespotting for a bit longer, because check this out: i just wrote them email (at whatever the address is listed in the "contact" screen on the site) and they wrote me back within the hour!! "sarah" wrote: "THANK YOU so much for letting me know about these specific instances!
    we are totally aware of the virus problem and are deep in the throes
    of getting rid of it... it's EXTREMELY helpful to have specific
    examples of where you've encountered it for us to find it..."

    so i invite you to write to them, too, if you know the name of the recipe you tried to click on (for me, it was "apple pie bars" and "chickpea butternut pumpkin patties").