Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Sloppy Joe's

It wasn't even lunch when I texted my husband today: "Sloppy Joe's for dinner?"  Maybe it was the overcast weather, or maybe I just needed to reconnect with a basic comfort food.  In any case, it made a perfect throw-together dinner.

This recipe is an amalgamation - bits and pieces from the sloppy joe recipes in Nanny's cookbook (my paternal grandmother... more on her and her fantastic recipes in upcoming posts), a bit of the recipe from America's Test Kitchen / Cook's Illustrated, and largely, whatever I have in my fridge.  That said, my exact recipe can vary; sometimes I'll use bell peppers instead of (or in addition to) mushrooms, but I really like the earthy, meaty quality that the mushrooms add when I'm using ground turkey. Tonight  I used small finger rolls (about the size of dinner rolls) to make sloppy joe sliders, but I top-cut them, New England style, to help make them not-quite-so-sloppy.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ridiculously Simple: Ham & Swiss Pinwheels

Here's a quick post for a ridiculously simple recipe (hardly a recipe at all, really) that I like to make and keep on hand in the event of last minute guests, or for a quick savory breakfast in the morning.  Store-bought puff pastry wraps around ham and Swiss cheese with a hint of homemade honey mustard.  I love making these during a quiet weeknight, popping the rolled pastry in the freezer, and then slicing and baking these up when company stops by.