Thursday, August 13, 2015

Flank Steak with Harissa-Spiced Summer Vegetables

I've been thinking about the recipes I post to the blog lately, and more importantly, the ones that I don't.  This is one of the ones that rarely ever would see the light of day.  Why?  It's too simple.  It's more of a method than a recipe.  It only takes 20 minutes, so who would care?  Wait - I might have something there.  This meal comes together in about 20 minutes, and it's a go-to for weeknights when The Husband and I are exhausted from work but don't want to order pizza.  It may not be the "sexiest" recipe ever, but it's quick, delicious, and when cooking for two, means leftover steak for sandwiches. (Do I hear a French dip calling my name?  Yes.  Yes I do.)